National Geospatial Data Asset (NGDA) Portfolio Datasets

An NGDA is defined as a geospatial dataset that has been designated by the FGDC Steering Committee and meets at least one of the following criteria:

  • Used by multiple agencies or with agency partners such as State, Tribal and local governments;
  • Applied to achieve Presidential priorities as expressed by OMB;
  • Required to meet shared mission goals of multiple Federal agencies; or
  • Expressly required by statutory mandate

Together, these datasets comprise the NGDA Portfolio. The table below contains the official list of NGDA with a link to the metadata on and, a link to their associated Theme, and the lead agency responsible for the NGDA. Below this table is a table of Retired or Changed NGDA.

For questions about NGDA, please contact the

Here is a link to the most current version of the NGDA list published 02/02/2022:  Official-NGDA-List-Endorsed-by-FGDC.xlsx

Official NGDA List Endorsed by FGDC

The table below lists NGDA that have been retired or significantly changed since the original 177 NGDA were established in 2014.

NGDA Retired or Changed

*Framework Theme: The framework themes of NGDA data are those that are produced and used by most organizations. Various surveys indicate that they are required by a majority of users, form a critical foundation for the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI), and have widespread usefulness. A cooperative approach to producing and sharing these common data benefits most organizations that use geographic data.

Updated on February 2, 2022