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2015 Lifecycle Maturity Assessment Overview


The 2015 NGDA lifecycle is a cyclic process built upon business requirements that change over time. In 1990 the OMB Circular A-16 was updated to include geographically referenced computer-readable (digital) data. The first or initial baseline maturity assessment will include all pertinent information associated with the dataset for each lifecycle stage since the most recent business requirements were defined. This may include information prior to 1990. Datasets that came into existence after 1990 will assess maturity from the time the business requirements were defined. It is anticipated that dataset requirements will change as policies or business processes evolve, cyclic updates occur, user needs change, or new technologies are released that improve data management and delivery. Annual assessments, once the initial maturity assessment is completed, will focus on changes over the past year. Dataset Managers may choose to update assessments at any time during the reporting year if any dataset requirements, maturity, or cyclic processes change. Determining the overall maturity of the NGDAs over time is a critical component for maintaining, evolving, and delivering returns on the A-16 NGDA Portfolio.


For any questions or concerns please contact the Lifecycle Maturity Assessment Help Desk (NGDA_LMA_help@fgdc.gov).


Updated on February 27, 2020